Backyard Buddy home garage four post lifts are delivered in protective shipping crate
Professional and home garage portable four post car lift
Get an extra parking space in your garage

Compare the American Made Backyard Buddy Car and Truck Lift corner post design to cheaper lifts

Before you buy a cheaper lift for your home garage, check these additional features...

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Backyard Buddy lock detail with automatic cable tension lock
Backyard Buddy
Lock Detail
As you can see, the large steel sleeve (2) captures the lock (3) in the slots (5) cut in each corner post (1). The lift has to be raised slightly to free the lock and disengage it.
Competitor car lift latch detail

Backyard Buddy
Column Detail
A large 12" long steel sleeve (2), lined with four UHMW guides (4), envelops each 4 structural tubing corner post (1). This ensures that a Backyard Buddy lift can't wobble and disengage the locks.

Backyard Buddy car lift corner column detail
competition car lift column detail

Competitor's Lock Detail The only thing holding your car up is lever (3) supported by small blocks (5) welded on the post (1). A small block (6) keeps lever (3) from flipping over backward. Note the small contact area (circled). Very crude!

Competitor's Column Detail Looking down inside the open sided column (1), You can see the two slides (4) supporting the lift and the lever (3) retained by piece (6). Your vehicle is supported by small questionable welds and imported steel.

Please stop buy our factory showroom or visit our display at larger car shows and compare the quality of the hardware we use, the quality of the welds, the lack of dirt and splatter in the finish. In short, it's clear, you get what you pay for.

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